Who we are

We are MedTech experts

We believe in the benefits and future of laparoscopic surgery

We have one goal

To make laparoscopic surgery the default surgery for the removal of liver tumor

Our story

The idea has its origin in a research project at Sahlgrenska University Hospital, where the surgeons within our team, Mårten Falkenberg and Niclas Kvarnström, have been working on improving the orientation during laparoscopic surgeries since a few years back.

The idea has then been further developed by a collaboration between the named surgeons and two Professors from Chalmers University of Technology – Torbjörn Lundh and Klas Modin

Since September 2020, the project is further developed as part of a unique collaboration with students from Chalmers School of Entrepreneurship and Chalmers Ventures.

The Harmonica team

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Madeleine Gustavsson

Regulations & Customer Relations

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Axel Blomé

Technology Management


Sara Sieger

Marketing & Organization

Klas Modin utanför Matematiska Vetenskaper

Ass. Prof. Klas Modin

Technology Development

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Lisa Månsson

Technology Development


Christian Al-Maleh

Technology Development


Prof. Torbjörn Lundh


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M.D. Mårten Falkenberg

Medical Expert


M.D. Niclas Kvarnström

Medical Expert

Our partners

Navari is striving to achieve good health and well-being , which is one of the Sustainable Development Goals. We believe that our product  will provide the next generation of laparoscopic surgery in relation to liver-tumor removal, improving the odds for all the people diagnosed with liver cancer.